Glider Rockers


Brooks offers the largest selection of glider rockers in the industry.  We strive to expand our handcrafted glider rockers and ottomans to give you greater choice with traditional, transitional & contemporary styles.  Handcrafted means hand-sanded, assembled, finished, balanced, inspected, and packed.

With a variety of finishes and large array of fabric patterns and colors, it’s no wonder why our products blend perfectly with any living room! For the best-made, best-selling glider rockers, count on Brooks.

Brooks is revolutionizing the glider rocker world and offers the overall best VALUE in glider rockers today. 
Brooks Glider Rockers are manufactured in Tennessee, and we strive to provide you with a glider rocker that has superior quality, style, and comfort.  Brooks upholds the highest standards to make sure you receive the finest glider rocker available.

Our Glider Rockers are:

  • Produced using various select hardwoods
  • Superior in motion and quality
  • Heavy- duty sealed ball-bearing mechanism carries a lifetime warranty on most styles
  • 1 year warranty on frames with normal manufacturer’s warranties on foam and fabric
  • All joints/posts/spindles are glued, screwed, pinned and/or wedged
  • No-sag springs with denim deck pad
  • Easily assembled with 4 bolts
  • Over 12 styles, 7 finishes & 75 fabric patterns available
  • No fabric grades-- all fabrics available at the same price
  • Most styles are available with a Locking Mechanism (LM) upgrade
To download our glider rocker fabric manifest click here.

Brooks currently offers two types of swatch packs to their dealers.
1) Jr. Swatch Pack, consists of our top 35 fabric covers.  View our Jr. Swatch Program, Dealer Agreement.
2) Large Swatch Pack, consists of all fabrics in our line.  View our Large Swatch Program, Dealer Agreement.

             1521 Maple & 1621 Cherry Glider Rockers                      1721 Light Oak & 1421 Legacy Oak Glider Rockers

         1631 Cherry & 1531 Maple Glider Rockers                            1431 Legacy Oak & 1731 Light Oak Glider Rockers

           1006 Cherry Glider Rocker w/ 1016 Ottoman                      1026 Cherry Glider Rocker w/ 1016 Ottoman


      1416 Legacy Oak & 0516 Heritage Cherry Glider Rockers                  1462 Legacy Oak Glider Rocker 


4022A Antique Cherry Glider Rocker                 1422 Legacy Oak Glider Rocker


     7024 Rustic Mahogany Glider Rocker w/ 7034 Ottoman        7525 Harvest Pine Glider Rocker w/ 7535 Ottoman

           1423 Legacy Oak & 1723 Light Oak Glider Rockers                           1993 Dark Oak Glider Rocker

          1665 Cherry Glider Rocker                         1465 Legacy Oak & 0365 Antique Black Glider Rockers  




Here are some additional Glider Rocker Photos

05160526MagnumShell 05160526RevengeHoney 0516-0526JazzMerlot 0516-0526UltraPlainMoleskin 0516JazzMerlot, 0516MagnumShell, 0516PhilippaBark, 0516UltraPlainMoleskin, 0526JazzMerlot, 0526MagnumShell, 0526PhilippaBark, 0526UltraPlainMoleskin, 1504AdroitMahogany, 1504DenzelPine, 1504MadhavenKelp, 1504MagnumCamel, 1504MagnumShell,1604AdroitMahogany, 0516,0526, 1705PalominoTobacco, 0516RevengeHoneydew, 0526RevengeHoneydew1504RevengeHoneydew1423AbbyKhaki, 1433AbbyKhaki, 1723ClemsonDiamondDarkRed, 1733ClemsonDiamondDarkRed, 1006AvonSpice, 1016AvonSpice, 1026AdroitMahogany, 1016AdroitMahogany, 1422NadinePraline, 1432NadinePraline, 1405IdeologyCaramel0516A-PhilippaBark, 1516A-AprilLynx, 1526AprilLynx1665AdroitMahogany  1604AdroitMahogany  1665DavenportChutney  1604DavenportChutney  1462DartmouthBark  1404DartmouthBark  1762ClemsonDiamondBark  1416&1426HennessyBrown  1416HennessyBrown  1426HennessyBrown  1705 1903  1993&1903  1993  4022A&4032ClemsonDiamondBark  4022A-ClemsonDiamondBark  4032ClemsonDiamondBark  1026-0926, 1416-0516, 1422, 1423-1723, 1516A-0516A, 1521P-1421P, 1665, 14621521-1621,  1721-1421, 1631-1531, 1431-1731 1465-0365
1404FlairSaddle  1404SurpriseMoss  1421SurpriseMoss  1431FlairSaddle  1504PumaDenim  1504TellurideBurlap  1521TellurideBurlap  1531PumaDenim  1604HappyHourEggplant  1604PumaDoe  1621HappyHourEggplant  1631PumaDoe 1721SurprisePecan  1731FlairTerracotta 0304HennessyBrown 0365HennessyBrown 1404PalominoTobacco 1465PalominoTobacco 
7024PetersCabinStone 7525PalanceSable 7525